Unwind Signature Fjord Facial


Experience the connection to the Ocean with pure, Icelandic, botanical skin care from the sea. Relax while tension and stress melt away, benefiting  from the diversity and richness of the ocean flora, with fresh floral fragrance with aquatic notes. Your skin and mind will feel fresh and renewed   

30 minute - $85

60 minute  - $130

90 minute - $180

(90 minute Includes the Destination coconut sugar body polish)

Unwind Oxygen Facial

Providing you with the deep cleanse you have been looking for this facial packs it all in creating renewed, repaired and younger acting skin.
Multiple cleansers and an oxygen cleansing mask works deep to purify congested pores and stimulate healthy cell turnover, revealing smooth and radiant skin.
This non invasive treatment ultrasonically draws out deep impurities, increases blood flow, and then pushes nutrients back into the skin. Completed with a hydrating mask, custom serums and a relaxing and rejuvenating facial massage this treatment is a experience you wont want to mis

60 Minute - $120


Unwind Hydrate & Glow Facial

Illuminate your skin's natural glow by removing toxins and dead skin cells. Our 'red carpet cleanser' full of peptides and botanicals leaves you radiant and ready to indulge in layers of gentle AHAs, CBD  and natural enzymes.

This Brightening treatment provides powerful antioxidants and exfoliation. Completed with deeply hydrating botanical, peptides and vitamin C. Your skin will be clear, vibrant  and glowing!

60 Minute - $125


Unwind  Rewind Facial

Treat yourself to a premium anti-aging facial to bring back your youth and radiant glow. Warm steamed towels aid in relaxation, pore cleansing and circulation . Facial massage and lymph drainage for deeper results. Infused with a line up  of hydrating, firming and youth promoting ingredients, including Hyaluronic acid, this treatment will revitalize and restore your skin to a brilliant more youthful state.  


60 Minute - $130

Unwind CBD Facial


Soothe the skin while reducing inflammation with one of the most powerful antioxidants available. Wonderful for all skin types, CBD is rich in nutrients and Omega fatty acids which help build and balance the skin. With highly concentrated ingredients this facial reduces fine lines and wrinkles and neutralizes free radicals  for younger looking and acting hydrated skin.

60 Minute -$125

Unwind Custom Facial

Our Estheticians are professionally trained to examine your skin, listen to your concerns and goals and help you choose the best prescriptive skincare personalized to Y.O.U. 

Expertise partnered with our award-winning skincare create this relaxing facial that will not only melt away tension but provide clinical results targeting problem areas and customized to your unique skin.

 60 minute - $130

Unwind Acne Facial Series


Acne is complicated and can be a frustrating skin condition to live with. Unwind is here to help. With proven professional treatments, products, and education on home care, acne can be significantly decreased while protecting and promoting calm skin. With our Esthetician's  knowledge, client team work, and patience, acne prone skin can become smooth, clear and healthy again.

$325 - 3 Treatment Sessions

$550 - 6 Treatment Sessions

(call about our reduced price student Educational program and pricing)

Unwind Collagen Induction

Micro-needling stimulates the body's natural healing process, which triggers the generation of new skin cells, and increases collagen and elastin production. This advanced treatment decreases appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and scars. This treatment stimulates collagen it can reverse sun damage and hyper pigmentation and is amazing fine lines and wrinkles, restoring a  more youthful glow.

45 minute $175

$425 for series of 3 (Best Results)

$50 Add on Stem Cell per treatment

$45 Add on Chemical Peel per treatment

Unwind Dermaplaning 


An exfoliating, non-invasive treatment to remove the outer layers of  dead skin cells as well as peach fuzz,  leaving fresh, smooth skin. Helps with product absorption and gives the skin an even, smooth complexion. This treatment will effectively smooth scaring and aid in anti aging by stimulating cell regeneration and deeper product penetration.

45 minute - $95

20 minute - $40 add on to any service

$ 45 add on Chemical Peel per treatment


Brow Wax                   $15 

Lip Wax                      $12

Chin Wax                   $12

Nose                          $10

Ears                           $10

Full Face                   $30

Under Arm                $ 20

Full Arm Wax            $35 

Half Arm                   $25

Full Leg Wax             $60

Half Leg Wax             $40 

Full Back                    $55

Lower Back                $22     

Chest                          $20

Stomach                    $ 20

Stomach Strip          $ 12

Bikini Wax         $40

Brazilian Wax   $70

Post wax ingrown

      treatment (add on)  $45

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