Get that perfectly bronzed look without damaging your skin. This all natural formula won't flake off or dry your skin out. Fades out naturally in about a week.

***Please be sure to exfoliate with non-moisture scrub before you tan, do not wear any deodorant, moisturizers, or makeup. Wear loose comfortable clothing for afterwards.  Check in store for Sjolie pre & post-tanning products for all your tanning needs

Sjolie Original

Perfect for all skin tones this tan will turn you into a golden goddess! available in 3 shades and Ultra (faster developing) formulas.

No. 6 Light     $35

No. 9 Med      $35

No. 12 Dark   $35 

Sjolie Luxe

Indulge in deep violet undertones that develop into a natural looking brown tan. Good for medium to dark skin.


No. 9 med      $40

No. 12 Dark   $40


Sjolie Ultra

Want to get tan but dont want to wait? This solution develops in 2-4 hours

Luxe             $45

Original        $40

add ons

Gold shimmer drops:  $5

Firming drops:             $5

Scent drops:

Pineapple / Coconut (seasonal)         $5     

Orange ginger  $5

DHA enhancing drops: darken your color for a custom look $5

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